World Under Siege's sequel - The Branches of Yggdrasil - is now up!


Summary: Thirteen months after the abrupt end to the Skrull invasion, strange things are happening in all the Realms. As the Convergence draws near, they threaten to unleash chaos on every planet. One person can help, but can Jane convince Loki to put aside his fury and resentment to help her save the Universe?

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You want it, you got it.

Here is the sequel to this.

He was going to kill whoever was in charge of making up the schedules.

He has five classes with her.

Five classes in a row.

And somehow, he’s managed to sit in front of or behind her in every single one.




Somebody in on the school board hates him.

Actually, everyone on the school board hates him, but that’s beside the point.

It would be bad enough having one class in such close proximity with her, but he could’ve handled it.  Even two would’ve been doable, but five?

Needless to say, he’s exhausted when the final bell rings. 

He had paid no attention in second period World History, because he was too busy staring at the back of her head.  He’d been even more distracted during third period English Literature, because this time, he was too busy trying not to stare at the back of her head.  Fourth period Algebra had seen him filling five full pages of his new leather bound notebook, because it was the only way he could ignore her glaring daggers at the back of his head.

Fourth and fifth periods were welcome reprieves, taking him to study hall and the lunch room respectively, where a hundred faceless students stood between the two of them, but then came sixth period French, and seventh period AP Biology.  

It was madness.

He just couldn’t escape her.

For her part, Jane Foster did almost everything she could to pretend Loki didn’t exist.  Baring algebra, she’d given him not a hint of her attention, instead focusing on the lessons like good student.  She handed him back the syllabus when it was passed around- she did not throw it at him or drop it indignantly.  She would not give him the satisfaction of a reaction.  As far as she was concerned, he was nothing to her but just another classmate.

It would be much appreciated if Loki could just act the same.

One of these days, he was going to have to sit himself down and really think about when his opinion of Jane Foster had changed so drastically; when he had gone from thinking her lower than dirt to feeling miserable at the thought that she might hate him.

For now, he chose to do as he always did and foist all the blame on her.

She was clearly doing this on purpose.  This was her revenge for all the years of torment he put her through.  This was her finally growing a backbone and learning to stand up for himself, and doing it in the most devious way possible.

That was something Loki could respect.  After all, how many people had he broken in his time playing mind games just like this on them?  There was at least one sixth grade teacher, who had made the foolish mistake of giving him an unfair grade on his midterm, who was to this day in intensive therapy and too traumatized to pick up teaching again.

It’s different when it’s happening to him, though.  Loki had also imagined it would be, on the off chance someone came along who could match him in wits and cunning.  He just never imagined it could be like this.

Or that it would be Jane Foster of all people who would become that person.

Oh, how he hated her for this.

For doing this to him.

How he hated that he really couldn’t hate her at all.

Damn her.


It’s lunchtime one the fifth day of school.  One more day until the weekend, and two beautiful days of freedom from the harsh and suffocating atmosphere of Jane Foster’s presence.  Compared to this, walking in on a half naked Thor with his head between a red faced Sif’s legs was like a walk in the park that he’d be happy to make.

(Although that might just be because, following that incident, Thor and Sif had moved their activities to her house, which brought the chances of him interrupting them again down to nothing.)

He eats lunch in the courtyard today, as he tend to when the weather is right.  It’s a little chilly this afternoon, and he buttons his jacket halfway up to combat the wind.  It didn’t matter much, he’d always been resilient against the cold, unlike the rest of his family.  It made sense, given the rather distressing revelations about his place in the family that had only just been sprung on him a few months ago, but that was another story.  

Jane is sitting by a large oak tree by the basketball court.  It’s the kind of tree they tell you has been there longer than the school and is a historical landmark because someone important died there or something, all to justify not tearing the damn thing down, no matter how old or ugly or inconvenient it is.  At least it’s a good place to read.  She’s been sitting there with the same book, making steady progress to the end, since Monday.  

And Loki doesn’t know that because he’s been watching her or anything. No way in hell.

Someone taps him on the shoulder, and from the sting of a too sharp fingernail and the teeth gnashing sound of the voice in his ear, Loki doesn’t need to turn and see who it is.

"Had a good summer, Odinson?"

The boy moved around the bench to sit at Loki’s side, pushing aside the books Loki had placed there to prevent exactly that from happening. His guest has changed quite a bit since last year.  He is paler than he used to be, completely white if one isn’t looking carefully.  His face has sharpened, the skin stretching thinly over it, so Loki can almost see through it to his skull.  His eyes are bloodshot, but what else is new? With the shit Mal is constantly getting into, Loki is pretty sure they, and several key internal organs, are permanently damaged.

"What do you want, Mal?"

"A cigarette mostly," he rasps and takes a long drink from a ratty old canteen that probably isn’t filled with water.  "First, I wanted to see how my old buddy was doing."

Loki releases air through grit teeth, then rips through a lukewarm drumstick that tastes gamey, but at least keeps him from having to talk to Mal for a little while longer.

"I see you’ve been giving ole’ Jane Foster the eye."

Loki’s chewing slows, and he swallows.

"No more than usual," he answers, as unaffected as he can convincingly feign.

Mal scoffs.

"Right, I believe that," he says.  "You haven’t just spent the last ten minutes eyefucking the hell out of that girl."

Loki could cringe at the wording, but that would just give Mal undue satisfaction, and he can’t say for sure what kind it would be.  So he just keeps on eating and pretending the person next to him is just a mass of air.

"I don’t blame you.  She’s turning into a hot one, Foster.  I wouldn’t mind a night in her bed."


The lunch bell rings, a godsend at this point.  Loki leaves without saying goodbye to Mal and re-enters the building a practiced twelve seconds after Jane does.  In French that day, he learns a new list of verbs for study, and he may snatch the homework assignment away a little too hard when Jane hands it back.  She almost turns around when he does it.


Lunchtime on Monday sees Mal asking Jane out on a date.  Loki is so stunned by the sight, he thinks he’s dreaming.  It wouldn’t be so far out. Last night, he dreamt about that it was Thor doing the asking, and a moment later, he was at their wedding, watching Jane walk down the aisle from the Best Man’s spot.

Jane refuses Mal.

He might ask her again, only to be once more (and more forcibly) rebuffed.  Loki can’t tell.  They’re too far away and not in the right position for him to read their lips.  What he knows is that Mal eventually gives up and walks away.

"Bitch," he’s muttering as he passes Loki by to go back inside.

All Loki cares about is that she’s started on a new book.


On Tuesday, it rains.  The courtyard is closed off.

With every freshman and sophomore cramped into one cafeteria, it tells Loki a lot about how overpopulated this school is, and how insufficiently planned out the lunchtime system is.

He is late to arrive thanks to some extra homework that needed finishing. By the time he gets there, the vending machine is all out of his favorite soda, and not a single empty seat remains, except one.

Forget about the school board.  God himself clearly hates him.

He lingers several feet away from Jane Foster’s table for enough time that the lettuce in his salad has started to wilt.  He finally shakes himself out of it by reminding himself that this is Jane Foster he’s talking about; Jane Foster who is built like a twig and cried for her mother in fifth grade when the teacher put on Willy Wonka for class movie day.  Jane Foster who, before this year, never had a harsh word to say about anyone, to the point where Loki hadn’t thought her capable of anger or spite.  

He walks over and sets his lunch down.  She glances up once, then does a double take.  Loki responds with a cool smile, the likes of which let everyone know that he would have his way no matter how many times he had to step on them to get it.

Jane scowls and goes back to her book, but she takes so long to get to the next page, Loki doubts she’s actually reading.  Still, this feels like a victory for him.  He’s eating his lunch in relative comfort, with the person on his opposite side scooting away to give him more room, and Jane Foster to squashed on her end to even think about doing the same.  Because they both know she would’ve moved to the other end of the cafeteria a long time ago if she could.  That she can’t is a source of amusement for Loki.  He really can’t help but gloat.

"That looks like a good book," he says.

She smiles sweetly.  ”It’s about a really annoying guy who won’t stop bothering innocent young girls and gets hit by a bus in the end.”

It’s a book about astronomy.  Does she think he can’t read?

"But what happens afterwards?" he asks, playing along.  "What if the innocent young girl discovers after he’s gone that she really misses him?"

"Because in the real world, when you spend years treating someone like dirt for no reason, they stop giving a shit what happens to you real fast."

She slams the book shut and slides it away from him, going back to her what’s left of her sandwich in the same breath.  Loki gives her a moment to finish.

"If the girl really cared so little, I don’t think she’d get so flustered when questioned."

Jane doesn’t deign to respond, and lunch ends with her leaving through the wrong exit just to get away from him.  Loki has had the final word, and as a bonus prize, he gets to watch Jane scramble to get through the door before the late bell rings and just miss it by about five seconds.  

Goodbye, perfect attendance record!

The end of class sees Jane pulling the teacher aside for a private conversation.  The next day, her desk has been moved to the opposite side of the room from him.

One down, four to go.

It’s something of a hollow victory for him.

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you don’t have to write about sex in your fanfic. it’s not a requirement, don’t let anyone tell you it is. your ship doesn’t have to be physical to be intimate. if you want to write fluffy one shots, you make those fangirls squeal. if you want to write angsty heart breakers, bring on the tears. write what you love and what you’re comfortable with. but never let those comments people make, about how T and G rated fics aren’t worth their time, sway your inspiration. 


graphic making is all fun and games until you have to decide which font to use

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Loki Odinson has been bullying Jane Foster for all of elementary and middle school, but once they hit high school, something changes, and Loki just can’t place his finger on it, but something about Jane is now drawing him towards her. (I’m sorry, I’ve been dying for someone to write one of my shitty prompts, and when I say you were taking some…I was so happy!!) — i-am-fire-nuts


She walks out of home room and opens her locker.  That they’re so close together is convenient for her, but not for him.  Out the corner of his eye, Loki sees her exchange one stack of books for another.  Where is that girl’s bookbag, he wonders.  She’s so small, even without those books weighing her down, but like a true warrior, she carries them, back straight and head held high.  

Loki has known Jane Foster for many years now.  They first met in grade one, when he pushed her into the mud on picture day because she wouldn’t stop talking about her new dress.  Most of their encounters after that, from stealing her cookies at snack time, to sneaking a live frog into her backpack, had been much the same.  Loki had never stopped and asked himself why Jane Foster was his favorite target.  He used to think it was to get Thor’s goat, but he’d stopped crushing on the studious girl after Sif moved into town and never gave Jane a second glance again.  He could only call it a force of habit.  It helped that he could never get more than an in-school detention as punishment for his jokes.  As the smartest kid in school and the son of a wealthy businessman, it would be in the school board’s best interest not to expel him.  

Today was their first day of High School.  In another four years, he would be off to the university of his choosing.  The world was an open book for him to explore at his leisure.  He didn’t even need this meager half-decade to know he had it all at his fingertips.  Jane Foster, for all the intelligence and drive she possessed, would never have half the opportunities he would, simply by virtue of being born to a middle class family, left and an orphan, and raised by a family who could barely feed themselves, much less her.

This fact used to make up the bulk of his taunts, until Jane Foster learned to take them in stride.  Now he’d have to come up with something else.

Loki had been thinking about that off and on all summer, in between avoiding Thor’s room while he and Sif were eating each other’s faces off, and having evening tea with his mother over a warm fireplace.  

This is the first time Loki has seen Jane Foster since the frog incident.  All thoughts of how he will push her down this year are gone, and for the life of him, he doesn’t know why.

It’s not because she looks different.  She’s prettier that she was for sure, on the cusp of womanhood and showing it in all the right places.  Her hair is more tame than it’s ever been.  A few inches less and a little mousse has done wonders for her.  She may have some makeup on as well, but he could be wrong.  She’s never been the type to begin with.  

Other than that, she hasn’t changed much.  She has the same frumpy plaid and faded jeans.  Her new backpack is a carbon copy of her old one, like she just shops at the same store every year and comes back with the same stuff, like she has no concept of variety.  

She closes her locker on the sack and on the pile of books she’s brought with her- many of which he’d wager aren’t school related at all.

She turns around and stops dead in her tracks at the sight of him.  Loki closes his fist around the strap of his bag. 

She looks taller now too.  Taller than him even!

No, wait, no she isn’t.  She hasn’t grown an inch.  

It’s just that look she’s given him, Loki is horrified to admit.  It makes him feel five feet smaller.

"What do you want?”

She slices at him like a snake, her venom burning through his sharp tongue and rendering him incapable of a comeback.  

"I… nothing," he says in the end.

Jane Foster shakes her head and moves past him.  She never looks back, no matter how hard Loki starts after her.  Her hair swishes and waves around her, it’s sheen hypnotizing him.

He smells something in the air.

Is it vanilla?

Did it come from her?

Loki can’t say for sure.  He knows nothing except that he’s going to be thinking about this all day, and probably every day until graduation; the result of a terrible mistake ten years in the making.


Had to make a lokane wallpaper, “Dust to Dust” by Civil Wars was asking for it :)

WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD // Thor 2 // Loki x Jane
by: romanticwhims 
"Let me in"

1280 x 800
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200

NO TEXT: 1280 x 800
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200

Oh, you’re acting your thin disguise, All your perfectly delivered lines
They don’t fool me, You’ve been lonely, too long

Let me in the wall, You’ve built around
We can light a match, And burn it down
Let me hold your hand
And dance ‘round and ‘round the flames
In front of us, Dust to dust

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The Sweet Science of Life

Through the workings of several mischievous Norns, Jane finds herself engaged to the wrong brother after Asgard’s battle with the Dark Elves. Along with finding out in the worst possible way that Loki is alive (and having too much fun masquerading as Odin), she gets dragged into a ride that has her rethinking everything she knows of the Trickster god. 

To her horror and constant exasperation, he’s way more than she can handle on her own…but is everything that she desires and aspires to have. 

It doesn’t take long for Thor to become yesterday’s fading memory. 

(Un)fortunately for her, Loki isn’t one to go down without a fight, not after the accidental but binding engagement that will curtail all the mischief he intends to unleash on the realms. 

A mortal will only hinder his plans, unless he manages to convince her that it is all done…in the name of science. 

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Summary: Worried for her son, Frigga casts a spell to find Loki’s soul mate. Unfortunately for Jane, the spell doesn’t go as planned and she is ripped away from her life and wakes up in the body of another person, on a planet that isn’t her own. Fate has a plan for bringing Loki and Jane together, but both are too stubborn to see it. A winding journey with plenty of trials and tribulations. (Lokane. Takes place pre-Thor films. AU)

Rating: T (May become M later)

Note: All He Has Left still has my top priority for being completed! This is just the first chapter, which I was inspired to finish tonight. The updates will be slower on this one. Hope you all enjoy, regardless! Let me know what you think if you want :)

Link: | AO3

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All He Has Left - Chapter Thirteen by Liana Slane
Jane has a mysterious follower, Loki grapples with his emotions, and their situation grows more complex.

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