This blog is dedicated to the non-canon pairing between Loki Laufeyson and Jane Foster. The God of Mischief and the Woman of Science.
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Wandering between Worlds by Tricksterkat209

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How to write a kiss


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Double Date


A tad late, but here is my response to auchen's make em laugh challenge.


Never say things couldn’t get any worse, especially if Tony Stark is involved.

Because when Tony Stark is involved, things can always get worse.

You could be stranded on a desert island with no food, no fresh water, and a swarm of cannibals closing in on you, and if Tony Stark is around, it could still get worse from there.

This is why Loki was hesitant from the start when it was suggested that him and Jane join Stark and his lover on a romantic outing.

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You know you’ve got it bad when you have a to-do list for your OTP. What is this ship doing to me?

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Here’s our team’s entry in the first round of the marvelshippinggames! (You can see the other entries here.)

We actually had two possible submissions, and after voting ends on October 12th, we’re allowed to post the other stuff we created. :)

Go Team Lokane!

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No.40 Sight from the Fanart100 Challenge 

Its a headcanon for me (in human!AUs) that Loki and Jane only had their eyes on each other during dates 8) socheesyomgimsorry

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Loki and Jane + Hands

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pankolicious16 said: Happy bday

Thank you, sweetie! :))
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Pay her a visit turned 2 today! September 26, 2012

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She was everywhere, and she was nowhere.


Written for the “Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything” challenge.

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