important ship tropes:

  • fake dating
  • SECRET dating
  • being locked in a room or trapped in a small space
  • finishing each other’s sentences, KNOWING WHAT THE OTHER IS ABOUT TO SAY
  • tou chi NG!!!! FOr eheA DS!!!!!!11!!
  • wearing each other’s clothes
  • doing that thing where they accidentally get real close and, like, stare meaningfully at each other for a few seconds too long
  • channeling the inner romcom and having an epiphany about how much they care about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE
  • fucking. Now or Never Kiss
  • defending each other to scathing tertiary or otherwise minor characters but ONLY WHEN THE OTHER ISN’T AROUND
  • reincarnation or time loop or OOOOH TIME TRAVEL SCENARIOS
  • dramatically saving each other from certain death or barely surviving something that almost makes the other break down and just smirking wearily and mumbling flippant smartass remarks to HIDE THE DEPTH OF THEIR FEELINGS
  • undercover as lovers, the classic
  • ALMOST KISSING. like getting so close that they start to close their eyes and hold their breath and then SOMETHING HAPPENS and they jump apart, that is MORE VALUABLE THAN ANY ACTUAL KISSING
  • casually sitting on each other’s laps during ensemble cast conversations or scenes
  • did i mention F AKE DATinG
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I have a question, I'm wondering how to write a fight between two people using their fists. How do they defend themselves what are the right movements? I just wonder what is needed to be taken into account to write such a scene. I'm sorry if this has been answered before.



Don’t be sorry! Writing about fighting when you have no practical experience is a difficult challenge and writing fight sequences when you do is still time consuming. There are a lot pieces working together and figuring out how they function is difficult and something very few writers actually do well.

Here are a list some of our posts that may be helpful to you:

Five Simple Ways to Write Convincing Fight Sequences

Fight Write: A Basic Upper Body Primer (Open Hand)

Fight Write: A Basic Upper Body Primer (Fists)

Fight Write: The Art of Stepping

Fight Write: The Art of Blocking

Tip: Fights Start for a Reason

ObsidianMichi’s Real World Fight Facts

Fight Write: The Only Unfair Fight is the One You Lose Part 1

The Only Unfair Fight is the One You Lose Part 2 (Brutality)

Unusual Martial Art: Street Fighting

Fight Write: Art, Sport, Subdual, and Lethality

Also check anything in our Michael Janich tag, he is a very good instructor who teaches self-defense. I refer people to his videos for the work he does with concepts, where he actively explains what a technique is, what it does, and why it’s used before teaching the technique. As a writer, you need both technique and concept before you can put it on the page.

I plan on doing a write up on both elbows and knees in the near future. There’s a lot of misconceptions about how these techniques work.

Also check out Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series particularly First Test and Page in The Protector of the Small quartet. Tamora Pierce is one of the few authors that write fight scenes I feel comfortable recommending for reference.

Good hunting!


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it's a good thing you never feared flamesbecause suddenly you're burning alive


it's a good thing you never feared flames
because suddenly you're burning alive
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Lokane AU: Let Her Go

Only know you love her when you let her go
         And you 
ʟ̲̅ᴇ̲̅ᴛ̲̅ her ɢ͔ᴏ̭.

It was Loki, not Thor, who fell from Asgard. His meeting with the astrophysicist, Jane Foster, was not well-received by the All-Father, however. Upon the trickster’s return, Odin ordered him never to see Jane again, despite Loki’s promise to return for her. When Loki planned to use the Bifrost to return to Midgard, Thor’s attempt to destroy the rainbow bridge ended with disastrous results.

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Lokane: Uncertain Times


An extension of what was a relatively sweet kid!fic drabble. Because I can’t let this fandom have anything nice.

The lesson here is not listen to soundtracks that reek of foreshadowing, or Macbeth-esque fanvids, when trying to write something light. I’m sorry.

The tale is such:

The great All-Father sired a child of Asgard. This child would be a king.

He took in a child of Jotunheim. This child would also be a king.

He permitted a child of Midgard. This child would be nothing.

And so they grew, unequal.


Loki remembers the moment he decided he would marry Jane Fosterdóttir.

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ilovejosejalapenoanswered:Hi. I was just wondering what you meant by this. I not quite getting what youre asking.could you please clarify for me?

I’m just taking graphic requests that are just for this pairing. For example: if  you have a quote that you’ve seen or song that you’ve listened to that reminds you of loki and jane and you like to see a graphic for it send it in. Maybe you’ve read a fanfic story (ex: fallen star, to cleave the stars, all he has left or lokiday just to name a few) that you loved to bits and you’d like to see something for it. I guess you could just think of this as a graphics prompt. I hope this explained everything clearly. :)
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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and i believe I’m open to the idea of taking some graphics requests. I need the practice and what better way to do that than with your OTP. If you have a request don’t hesitate to ask and be sure to tell me if it’s for a fanfic story (one that you read and liked), quote, or song that in some way relates to Lokane. So for a short time I’ll leave anon on for anyone who might want to remain anonymous.

Shall we begin?


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AU: Jane Foster dies as she gives birth leaving Loki and her child behind. Because Jane died in Asgard, her body and soul leaves to Fólkvangr Paradise. Frigga asks All-father to make a compromise with the the goddess Freyja, ruler of the paradise and allow Jane to return to Asgard. Frigga confronts her son, telling Loki that Jane will return but he must be patient. Three years pass, and Loki travels to Fólkvangr Paradise with his brother Thor and friend Sif to be reunited with his wife: Jane. They return to Asgard safe, though Jane is still moral. Loki gives her the Idunn apple and Æsir life is given to her. Her golden brown eyes glow in happiness when Loki brings their child, she carries Lokison for the first time.


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"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul." - Pablo Neruda

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