This blog is dedicated to the non-canon pairing between Loki Laufeyson and Jane Foster. The God of Mischief and the Woman of Science.
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You guys are now my favorite people!  I was hoping someone would ask for number 48.

High School Reunion AU


Darcy kicked open the door to the lab and walked inside with an armload of old parts and supplies.  It was destined for the even larger pile of old parts and supplies Jane was collecting at the back of her lab.  One of the few benefits of being a fringe scientist was that you learned how to use and reuse pretty much everything.

"You know, Jane," Darcy said as she dragged the latest batch of old pipes and car parts into the corner to be used later, "I love you, and I love working with you, but I’d personally rather not get a herniated disk before I turn twenty five, so could we maybe take a break- what are you doing?"

Jane looked up from her desk, closing the red leather book and pushing it off to the side.

"I’m just getting some extra work done," she said.  "Did you get all the stuff from outside."

"I just have one more trip, thank God.  Next time, do me a favor and invest in a u-haul."  Darcy rubbed circles into the small of her back.  "And I know you weren’t working just now.  If you were, you’d be fixing that energy reading module or whatever it’s called like you were doing when I left you ten minutes ago."

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Quick sketch since I’ve been having feels after reading Rumor Has It bystartraveller776

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The Writing On The Wall


Chapter Sixteen is up!

Story Summary - Eating the apple Loki gave her seemed like a harmless act; at least until Jane realized the consequences. Can a mortal come to terms with immortality as she lives through the ages? And is an eternity long enough for a god to escape what has been foretold within the pages of an ancient book? There’s a fine line between mischievousness and fate.

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Or start from the beginning here!

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I didn’t do it for him.

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I didn’t want to hint at this in case I didn’t get it done in time, but…with fifteen minutes to spare, it’s done!  

Since I may not be able to post for a while, please enjoy chapter 5 while you wait!  

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Anon asked: If you’re still taking prompts: Loki/Jane, Sickness.

Note: So I said I wasn’t planning on doing a sequel to A Night In Oslo, and yet here I am. I just have a weakness for babies. 

Send me a prompt!

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Inspired from a micro fic written by audreyii-fic, and a companion piece written by clariss2838

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And here I bequeath thee the next installment of Rumor Has It.

Previous bits: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Also: AO3 & FFnet

Chapter 7
Show Me That You’re Human

So, it turned out that Hallmark didn’t make a card decorated with hearts and rainbows, and with the inscription, “Hey, I heard a rumor that you got a girl in the family way and sent her to Sweden to deal with it. Let’s talk about that.” Not that it would have made the topic any less uncomfortable, but at least it would have been a conversation starter.

Jane was a chicken. A total clucking chicken.

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Wherein Odin weeps.


Fairly certain we’re down to the last three or so of our Banished!Odinsons story…

When he was younger — though perhaps it was not as long ago as it seems now — Thor would rail against the master warrior who insisted he train without the aid of his hammer. What need have I of staff and sword or fist? he had demanded. I wield Mjolnir, forged in the heart of a dying star. No man or beast will stand before its blows.

The master merely said Even a Prince of Asgard may be disarmed.

The younger Thor rolled his eyes at this, believing it to be nonsense. But he had learned — and if he makes it back to Asgard he will apologize to the man on bended knee.

Unfortunately, making it back to Asgard is looking less likely with each passing minute.

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a quick lokane doodle :3c

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